La pentola bolle
tutti i giorni

Come and visit us!

The restaurant is located in Via Vitelleschi: a quiet street, with few passersby, which marks the boundary between the historic Borgo Pio near San Pietro and the Prati district, full of shops and offices. At no. 23, there is the Tyrolean Winery, scented with woods and memories, ready to welcome you with its smile.


Personalized menu for groups

Bring your company or your group to the Tyrolean Winery, we organize with you menus dedicated to your needs.

After the theater to Cantina Tirolese

Is there a restaurant in central Rome that is ideal for after-theater? Of course! It is the “Cantina Tirolese”, the only restaurant in Rome that we can certainly define as a “vocation after theater”!
We are a restaurant that has the pleasure of defining itself for its warm, convivial, easy and welcoming atmosphere, just the ideal place to reach after having attended a beautiful performance in one of the nearby theaters.

Opening time

We are open every day

from 12.00 to 15.00

from 19.00 to 23.00

Book a table

For group lunches and dinners we organize with you
menus dedicated to your needs.

Telephone booking is always recommended for dinner.
We look forward to seeing you at our restaurant!


Cantina Tirolese di Macher Srl
Via Giovanni Vitelleschi, 23
00193 Roma, Zona Borgo Pio

Alberico parking – Via Alberico II 27/29

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