Cantina Tirolese, since 1971
a family history

From generation
to generation...

Genuine food, recipes handed down, traditional environment. These are the key values on
which the “Cantina Tirolese” is based, since Gherti and Roberto opened the business half a century ago. Manuela Macher first, Riccardo and Mario then continue with commitment on this path made of Passion.


The Macher

The Cantina Tirolese, which has always been family-run, continues its history without ever breaking away from the traditions of its homeland, Austria, amidst fashions and new trends.
Discretion, confidentiality and the quality of raw materials have continued to characterize the work of the Macher family. A tradition handed down for three generations, which in silence, with patience and perseverance, has become a solid reality in the culinary panorama of the capital.

Manuela Macher

Since 1990 the management has passed into the hands of her daughter, Mrs. Manuela Macher, a success handed down! The setting, the warmth and the management care have remained unchanged and have indeed found new life in Manuela’s sunny character.
Discretion, confidentiality and simplicity have continued to characterize the work of the restaurant and have achieved new successes. One for all to have as a regular guest none other than Pope Ratzinger in his capacity as Cardinal until shortly before receiving the papal investiture. Lumsa’s teachers and their students, the Swiss guards, intellectuals, journalists and show business personalities continue to be regular visitors to the “Cantina Tirolese”.
After his death, his son Riccardo and Mario continue under his star with the same passion.


Cooking is passion and the will to live, tasting and smiling are the most fun way to eat. Especially together with friends.

Manuela Macher